7Engines I Best Cannabis Dispensary in Buchanan MI


Who We Are

7ENGINES is a cannabis cultivation and extraction company based in beautiful “Redbud City” Buchanan, Michigan. We are made up of professional athletes, actors, and cultivators that are proud to call Southwest Michigan home. 

Our Name

7ENGINES is a powerful, mythical name firmly rooted in the history and reality of Southwest Michigan. 

Like many towns during the industrial era of America, Buchanan, New Buffalo, Sawyer and Niles were about 7 miles away from the next town. This was generally the distance that the first steam engines could make it before needing to hit a water stop to refuel. 

The number seven also holds significance in native Potawatomie teachings, beliefs, and culture. The Seven Grandfathers teachings of Wisdom, Respect, Love, Honesty, Humility, Bravery and Truth serve as principals of living in harmony with the world around us. Also represented by the ‘7’ is the Potawatomie peoples’ ideal of Seven Generation Sustainability; a concept that urges the current generation of humans to live and work for the benefit of seven generations into the future. 

While these ideas and teachings hold relevance locally, we believe they can resonate with everyone across Michigan and beyond. 

Location History

Flowing through 7ENGINES is McCoy Creek, once home to the Bainton Brothers Mill. The Mill was built in the early 1870’s by brothers Charles and William Bainton. It was destroyed by fire in 1924. 

Through the late 1800s the easy access to sustainable energy provided by McCoy Creek created an industrial mecca. In just a short time the creek was home to 13 water powered mills. These mills produced everything from steel goods for the war to world famous Niagara Flour. 

Gotta Love The Plant!

Our team here at 7ENGINES come from all walks of life but one thing is for certain, we all have a passion for this plant. We always aspire to bring our community the best through careful cultivation and high quality crafted products. 

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